It was quite difficult for me while choosing the best site to invest my money in as I had trust issues with online brokers. I was suggested Green Capitalz by one of my friends. Let me tell you that I haven’t regretted using Green Capitalz since then. It is a modern trading platform, so it’s effortless and safe to use the platform as a newbie. I can use it on any device. There are no limitations to downloading software or installing it on my device. They also ask me to prove myself a valid person and provide my ID number and the picture and number of my credit cards. This made me sure about the platform as they take all the person’s proof to keep the platform away from people having bad intentions.

I started using Green Capitalz with a minimum deposit of $250. I am happy as this site is open for all types of people, whether you are a student or a retiree. I like it the most because they provide me with all the information regarding cryptocurrencies in a very simple and understandable way; this way, I become familiar with cryptocurrency before stepping into the market.

Also, I make money not only through trading but several different ways arranged by Green Capitalz. If I refer to one of my friends on the website, I and my friend both get rewarded $300 from the website, which fascinates me a lot.

I was also provided with six different trading accounts. I was pleased that they even have a trading account for a person like me who had just stepped into this market. I haven’t faced any problems yet as they also provide customer support. They helped me a lot in trading only with their support.

As in a few sites, it becomes difficult for us to pick crypto of our choice, but Green Capitalz provides us with Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin trading. This is how I made sure that I can diversify my portfolio quickly. I am satisfied using this trading platform and have known a lot about cryptocurrency with their customer support.

Leah Humphries, 38, UK

Online scams are apparent these days, and who knows it better than me? I had confronted a breach of agreement with a broker when I was a newbie on this platform. Their facade service is just a crusading technique called a snare; they made me believe that indulging in the Bitcoin business is convoluted. I felt like a fool and how no one would help me, but instead, they would profit from it. This did not make me loathe brokers and forgo the idea of dealing and trading in Bitcoin because I knew there would be at least one broker out there in this online business who would be trustworthy.

I was keen to know about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and all of it. Above all, I was yearning to understand how it works as I wanted to get into this field. Therefore, I needed a third-party broker to whom I could rely upon as I was naïve. The day was no different when I switched to another broker, Green Capitalz. Out of the blue, it turned out to be different and worth the wait, darn it. Initially, they made me learn about this cryptocurrency business. Today, I deal with Bitcoin like anything.

By using Green Capitalz, I can track my account’s monetary data with the benefit of the doubt. Their charges are nominal and worth it. Their services are certainly not a hindrance but a booster to your work. They adhere to their deadline and commitments. They are not in abeyance without prior information. They have customer care service also if you have any doubt you can bring it to them.

Green Capitalz Account managers provide appeasing service, and oh, I need not mention their cordial demeanor. I don’t know if it would sound exaggerated. Still, I am genuinely grateful for Green Capitalz, which made my online trading experience so appreciative. Undoubtedly, Green Capitalz is a safe and cinched online broker platform. If you are involved in the online trading and cryptocurrency pieces of stuff, I would certainly recommend you to go for Green Capitalz as a fellow trader.

Enzo Cardoso Martins, 54, Brazil

Venturing into the cryptocurrency business is a risk in itself. When I decided to start cryptocurrency business trading, Green Capitalz was the one who held my hand. As a broker, Green Capitalz has always made sure my invested money goes in the right place. Not only this through Green Capitalz, the profit made out of the cryptocurrency business was shared to me in a more significant proportion, comparatively. I see, unlike Green Capitalz. Not every broker can satiate you with their work. Green Capitalz has managed my work ever since I have started working in this cryptocurrency business trade. Now I can resort to them anytime I want.

One thing I perceive through the online articles that brokers are of great help for traders. However, I did not believe in this third-party sharer. I did not want to share my profit with them because brokers are meant to be selfish and money-minded according to the conventional norms. Though I still gave it a try and assigned Green Capitalz as my broker. Before the service, they made me comprehend everything about cryptocurrency and how it operates.

They also shared some guidelines that I should take concern for my work as an investor and trader. The best part about Green Capitalz is that they help you time and again without any complaint. They deal with your trading personally, so you need not worry about the lack of a partner. Sometimes they even help you find your clients. As a trader, I know how hard it is to trust a broker from the core but trust me, guys, Green Capitalz is the calling for reliable trust and establishing a good relationship with you and your clients. Of course, there are chances that you might believe in working without a broker, but how about having no hectic schedule and a minimal amount of profit share to your broker. Give it a shot to Green Capitalz. It is a boon for me, at least. Green Capitalz has proved to be my big-time help. During my difficult times, the support team of the broker helped me out in the best possible way

Mirsad Verhorst, 34, Netherlands